Our game house offers an entertainment service where classic casino games are available, but in an online version for your computer, with attractive graphics and an extremely innovative interface that allows all users to play easily and securely.
Yes, it is possible to play for free by simply opening the game you prefer in the casino games page.
At the time of registration to our site, your player account will be activated in Euros, and all your bets will also be made in this currency.
You always play against the house, except in the case of "multi-player" games, where it is clearly specified that you are playing against other users in real time.
The gambling house is totally impartial. The house ensures that all games are carried out in a correct manner and that the success of the player is determined by a hardware that generates random numbers, known as the RNG (Random Number Generator), approved by the LGA - Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority.
Our game house has adopted numerous anti-cheat mechanisms to monitor the behaviour of the users and to check the game window (client) to ensure that the system does not provide an unfair advantage to third parties.
Cookies are small data files deposited on your computer's browser by the game house. We use them to save your username and login preferences, and customise your playing experience, with full respect of privacy and game security. No sensitive information is saved in these cookies and in order for it to work, your Internet navigation browser must be set to accept cookies.
To play our casino games you need a browser such as Internet Explorer 7 (or a higher version) or Firefox 3 (or higher) with the Flash plug-in installed on your computer. Internet Explorer, Firefox and Flash are programs that you can download for free, and installation is very fast (with a broadband ADSL connection).
To play the online casino and poker games, including roulette, you need a Windows computer, with the minimum requirements for a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox with the Flash plug-in installed. You need a broadband ADSL internet connection. If you use the games simultaneously with other programs, the games could be slowed down.
Yes, you can also use an Apple Macintosh with a Safari 3 (or higher) or Firefox 3 (or higher) browser and Flash plug-in.
The most frequent cause could be a problem with your ADSL connection. Contact your service provider (ISP). If this does not resolve the problem, contact our customer service department.
You can play for free as a trial, or play with real money. The first way is free without any obligation to register, while to access the game and play with real money registration is required. The game is reserved only for people over 21 years of age and you always play against the house, except in "multi-player" games where it is clearly specified that you are playing against other users in real time.
Every game has a Help section. Just click on the button and you can view the rules. If you aren't familiar with the game we recommend that you try the games for free and then move on to the real money mode when you are ready to.
In order to play, click on the image of the game you prefer, or go to the page dedicated to games: from the menu you can open any games you would like to play. If you are playing for free, you will be assigned virtual credit to use, or if you have accessed the site with your username and password, the credit available in your player account (real money and/or house bonuses) will be used to place your bets.
All the games and bets are registered by our system, so in the event that your connection is interrupted due to problems related to our site, the previous game situation will be recovered and your bet will be reimbursed. If however the problem is related to your computer or your connection, customer service may still decide to reimburse you, but only if the problem is not related to negligence or cheating.